Meet Gabriela Mejias (JD ’19)

Photo of Gabriella Mejias

Gabriela Mejias (JD ’19) spent her 2L summer as a legal intern at the New York County Defender Services. During her 1L summer, Mejias was an intern with the New York Legal Aid Society Criminal Defense Practice.

Where do you call home?

Athens, Georgia

Where did you study for your undergraduate degree?

University of Georgia

Are you interested in a specific area of law?

Public defense – it is interesting and extremely fulfilling work, because it provides direct legal representation to community members who need it the most.

Why did you decide to attend Wake Forest Law?

I decided to attend Wake Forest Law because of a combination of factors – the small size, the wide geographic range of employment placement, and generous financial aid.

Describe the Wake Forest community.

The Wake Forest community is extremely close-knit and welcoming. I feel that I know almost every student and faculty member, even if I haven’t been inside the classroom with them.

What are you involved in outside the classroom?

I am president of the Student Bar Association (SBA) as well as the business and online editor on the Journal of Business and Intellectual Property Law. Participating in these activities has helped me meet people outside of the classroom and contribute to the law school community in a tangible way.

What do you do for fun in Winston-Salem when you aren’t studying?

Grab brunch or dinner at one of the many amazing restaurants in downtown Winston-Salem.

Where do you want your law degree to take you?

My ultimate goal is to be a public defender in New York City. Considering that my time at Wake Forest Law has already helped me attain two internships in this field and area, I am confident that my future degree can help me accomplish this goal.