Meet Virginia Stanton (JD ’19)

Photo of Virginia Stanton

Virginia Stanton (JD ’19) is pursuing a career in military law and litigation—a combination inspired by her 2L summer experiences as a second lieutenant and intern with the Marine Corps Trial Counsel.

Where do you call home?

San Diego, California

Where did you study for your undergraduate degree?

University of Florida

What did you major/minor in for your undergraduate degree?

Philosophy and Biology

Describe your 1L and/or 2L summer work experience. Was there any particular experience that stood out to you?

During my 2L summer, I had the opportunity to go on active duty as a second lieutenant and work with Marine Corps Trial Counsel in Quantico, VA. Immersing myself in the military world, while also having the opportunity to use my litigation and trial experience in a real-world context, was an invaluable experience and gave me a newfound sense of confidence in my abilities.

Are you working in a specific area of law? If so, what do you find interesting about it?

Military law and litigation. Litigation and trial advocacy are my first love. I enjoy the technical and performance aspects involved when trying a case. There is also something uniquely human about practicing law in a way that directly represents another person in front of others.

Why did you decide to attend Wake Forest Law?

What really sold me was the small class sizes and opportunities outside the classroom. I came from a large undergraduate university and knew I needed something more personalized for my legal education. That being said, coming from a larger university also made me value extracurricular opportunities, which inspire growth outside of academics and coursework.

I quickly realized during Admitted Students Day that Wake Forest had the best of both worlds – quality academics and extracurricular opportunities. There is no shortage of clubs and organizations to get involved with. This is paired with an abundance of faculty and staff members who are always eager to help.

Describe the Wake Forest community.

The community at Wake Forest flows from the environment that the faculty and staff members create. It is an overwhelmingly warm and caring environment that wants students to find their way and grow academically, personally, and professionally. Professors invite students over to their homes for dinners, encourage students to go to free music concerts on campus, and are consistently taking time to remind students that their doors are always open.

What is your most memorable experience during law school (thus far)? 

My most memorable experience involves Trial Team. About seven months after winning the National Trial Competition, we won another national title at the Tournament of Champions. After the final round, which we won unanimously, one of the seven judges complimented Wake Forest and our professors on our performance — they said that we represented our school well. The comment recognized the competition as a victory for all of Wake Forest, and that meant a lot to me.

What are you involved in outside the classroom? 

National Trial Team (NTT), The Pro Bono Project, Veterans Advocacy Legal Organization (VALOR), and Student Trial Bar.

What do you do for fun in Winston-Salem when you aren’t studying?

Hiking or running. I love being outside and there are so many beautiful things to see and explore in Winston-Salem and the surrounding area.

Where do you want your law degree to take you?

Wherever I can do the most good with it.