Judicial Clerkship: Meet Sarah Spangenburg (JD ’19)

photo of sarah spangenburg

Sarah Spangenburg (JD ’19) discusses her clerkship experience and how Wake Forest professors helped her reach her post-graduation goals.

In which circuit is your clerkship located?

U.S. District Court for the District of Connecticut

In which state is your clerkship located?


Please provide a quote about your current or future clerkship opportunity.

Obtaining my federal clerkship would not have been possible without the support of my professors here at Wake Forest. From the very beginning of law school, Wake Forest helped me become an effective writer and researcher–two skills required of a law clerk. Taking part in Professor Perdue’s D.C. Summer Judicial Externship Program during my 1L summer gave me the opportunity to work in a federal district court. Her class on judicial clerking prepared me well for my summer experience and my clerkship.

How will your clerkship experience help you meet your career goals?

I plan to work in litigation after clerking. Being a law clerk will provide me with the opportunity to gain insight on effective lawyering from someone behind the bench. I will be exposed to a wide range of legal issues, writing styles, and lawyers. In addition, my clerkship will provide me with extensive experience to further develop my research and writing skills.

What was the clerkship application process like?

Applying for clerkships can be extremely stressful because these positions are so competitive. However, the Clerkship Committee at Wake Forest assisted me throughout the entire process. I know that the most helpful advice I received was to “cast a wide net” when sending out my applications. I would definitely recommend to any law students who want to clerk that they apply to as many judges as possible.

Why did you decide to attend Wake Forest Law?

I looked at law schools all around the country. I chose Wake Forest Law because of the people that I met and the opportunities that Wake Forest would provide. When I visited Wake Forest, I knew I had found the place that I wanted to spend my next three years. Everyone was so welcoming and genuinely happy when discussing their experiences at Wake Forest Law. I also came to law school with the goal of clerking after graduation and Professor Perdue’s D.C. Summer Judicial Externship Program was an opportunity that no other law school presented.

What’s your fondest memory of law school?

Law school has been full of amazing memories, and I have made friends that I consider to be like family. My fondest memory of law school is going to D.C. with the 3L Appellate Advocacy Clinic and attending oral arguments at the U.S. Supreme Court. Not only was this an amazing experience, but the cases that we heard oral arguments for were cases that we had written amicus briefs in, which just made the experience that much more memorable.