Meet Bella Hohler (JD ’21)

bella hohler

Bella Hohler (JD ’21) describes her involvement in the Kilpatrick Townsend 1L Mock Trial Competition and her passion for real estate law.

Where do you call home?

Raleigh, N.C.

Where did you study for your undergraduate degree?

Roberts Wesleyan College

Where did you work during your first summer in law school? 

I was a legal extern at Highwoods Properties, Inc.

Did you work in a specific area of law? 

I primarily worked on real estate law while at Highwoods. I find real estate law interesting because it involves so many other areas of law, like environmental and finance. I learned more about real estate law in action, how real estate negotiations are handled, and what it takes to run a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT).

Why did you decide to attend Wake Forest Law?

I decided to attend Wake Forest Law because of its community-centered culture, its academic excellence, and its focus on the University’s motto, pro humanitate.

Describe the Wake Forest community.

It’s impossible to get around the fact that law school is competitive, but at Wake Forest, most people try to focus on only competing with themselves. In my section, we had a group chat where anyone could ask a question and they would get a response. Before exams, people would study together and if someone forgot an important piece of information or didn’t understand a concept, everyone in the group would try to explain as best as they could so the person could understand. It really is a special culture here that is hard to find.

What is your most memorable experience during law school (thus far)?

The end of the semester, when I could finally relax.

What are you involved in outside the classroom?

I have competed in the Kilpatrick Townsend 1L Mock Trial Competition and Moot Court competition. Even though I was nervous the entire time, it exposed me to new things and narrowed what I wanted to do with my law degree. It adds value because it introduces you to new people and areas of the law.

Do you have a faculty mentor?

Yes, Professor Verstein is my advisor and he is an incredible one. He would initiate meetings and remind me that I had to meet for reviewing my schedule, and was totally engaged in the meetings. His main goal was to help me have the best plan for law school and his advice remains invaluable.

What do you do for fun in Winston-Salem when you aren’t studying?

I like to eat at restaurants downtown and go to the best dog park in Clemmons.

Where do you want your law degree to take you?

I want to be able to practice business law or employment law and help businesses of all sizes with the challenges they face.