Meet Joey Bartholomew (JD ’21)

portrait photo of joey bartholomew

Joey Bartholomew (JD ’21) talks about his experiences at Wake Forest Law and his summer work at Chicago Volunteer Legal Services.

Where do you call home?

Belleville, Ill.

Where did you study for your undergraduate degree?

Rhodes College

Where did you work your 1L summer?

Chicago Volunteer Legal Services

Are you working in a specific area of law?

Chicago Volunteer Legal Services provides pro bono representation to various areas of law such as adoption, child support, landlord eviction, bankruptcy, and immigration. I experienced each of these departments, so although I did not work in a specific area of law, I learned and practiced in each of these areas.

This opportunity allowed me to help individuals in the Chicago community who are not able to represent themselves.

Why did you decide to attend Wake Forest Law?

During my admitted student’s day visit, I fell in love with the close-knit family setting, the beautiful campus, and the size of the classes.

Describe the Wake Forest community.

The Wake Forest community is a welcoming atmosphere. For example, my Academic Engagement Program (AEP) leader not only answered my many questions from class, but she provided me with advice about law school as a whole. With so much uncertainty throughout your first year of law school, I truly appreciated the guidance from an experienced student.

Where do you want your law degree to take you?

I am interested in pursing a career in public interest. Throughout undergrad, I volunteered at Memphis Area Legal Services. My experience at Memphis Area Legal Services was one of the primary reasons I decided to pursue a legal education.