Meet Lauren Tozzi (JD ’11)

lauren tozzi

Lauren Tozzi (JD ’11) works in the air enforcement division of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Describe your journey to the EPA.

I started working at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) while enrolled in the Washington, D.C., Metropolitan Externship during my last semester of law school. The externship program gave me the chance to show my office that I was a valuable hire.

A few months later, I joined the EPA’s Superfund enforcement office, where I worked on site-remediation enforcement issues. I then went on to serve as the special assistant for the head of enforcement, Cynthia Giles, which was an incredible opportunity to learn about environmental enforcement from a broad, national perspective.

Since then, I’ve been working in the air enforcement division, where I specifically work on vehicle and engine enforcement matters under Title II of the Clean Air Act. I recently earned a leadership role for an initiative to address the widespread problem of removing emissions controls from vehicles — also known as “aftermarket tampering” — which has terrible emissions consequences.

How has Wake Forest Law helped shape who you are today?

I love what I do, and I might not be here if it weren’t for the Washington, D.C., Metropolitan Externship.

Are you still connected to other alumni?

I have two great Wake Forest alumni-mentors at the EPA: Ken Patterson (BA ’78, JD ’81) and Greg Wall (JD ’04). I also had the recent opportunity to pass the connection along to a recent Wake Forest Law graduate, Bradford Ramsdell (JD ’17), who came to work in my office as part of the Metropolitan Externship.

Where do you go from here?

It’s an honor and a privilege to be a public servant. I continue to feel inspired by the devoted people I work with, and I am so proud of the strides we make each day to protect human health and the environment.