Meet Shuya Wang (LLM ’08)

shuya wang

Among the handbags and luggage, the sunglasses and luxury fashion-wear, there stands alone a brand – Louis Vuitton – that Shuya Wang (LL.M. ’08) is tasked to defend.

As the in-house intellectual property legal counsel for Louis Vuitton Company Limited, Wang is responsible for protecting the integrity of the brand throughout all of China. Her path to this role began with a series of connections, connections that were sewn and stitched together by the very fabric of the Wake Forest community.

“My first mentor in a law firm was a Wake Forest alumna,” Wang says. “She trained me and led me to the path of an intellectual property attorney.”

This connection developed into more opportunities for Wang, leading her to Rouse & Co in the city of Shanghai. It was there that she advised multinational companies, spanning industries, on various intellectual property issues, which included the development of protective strategies, handling anti-counterfeit matters, and dealing with trade name, trademark, and copyright disputes.

After dedicating 4 years to Rouse & Co, Wang joined Louis Vuitton in 2016.

“I handle a wide range of Louis Vuitton’s intellectual property matters in China, including the management of all disputes among trade mark infringement, unfair competition, and copyright violations, advising on trademark prosecution matters, bad faith oppositions/invalidations with local research and investigation, and drafting and reviewing intellectual property-related clause and commercial agreement.”

But before her professional journey could happen, Wang felt that she needed to elevate her academic resume and enrich her cultural experiences. She looked overseas only to find another connection that would inspire her to pursue education in North Carolina.

“An alumnus from my university, the University of International Business and Economics, was pursuing his LLM degree at Wake Forest,” Wang says. “He shared his experiences with me, emphasizing the notable faculty, rigorous academic atmosphere, and the friendliness of the campus, which convinced me to attend.”

Her experience would match these promises. Wang remembers vividly how time was not measured by the hands of a clock, but by the number of pages and assignments she needed to prepare for her classes. Although the curriculum was demanding, Wang recalls how some of her most cherished memories were defined by her relationships with faculty and staff.

“The faculty and staff were so supportive,” Wang says. “They made Wake Forest a home for us, a new place where we were going to grow and succeed.”

For Wang, this growth and success would immediately come in the form of dual qualifications for the practice of law in both New York and China. She recognizes that much of her path was designed by the culmination of all the moments and relationships she experienced at Wake Forest.

“All of my experiences at Wake Forest have become good memories,” Wang says. “The knowledge I gained and the effort I made has had a profound impact on my career, motivating me to move forward in my own success.”