Wake Forest Law offers Pro Bono assistance with unemployment insurance

Exterior of Wake Forest Law school with blooming honeysuckle in the foreground

(Winston-Salem, N.C., June 4, 2020) — Wake Forest University School of Law students, working under the supervision of faculty members, will offer guidance and consultation to North Carolina residents who have questions about unemployment insurance and federal supplements. There is no charge for the service.

“Our law students and faculty members have been trained and are already helping community members with questions.  The COVID-19 economic fallout has led to a tsunami of unemployment filings and the system is overwhelmed,” said Jane Aiken, Dean of Wake Forest Law. “We are so pleased our school’s Pro Bono Program can help provide free legal guidance to North Carolinians affected by the pandemic.”

Wake Forest Law offers a short-term limited legal services project to assist individuals with questions regarding their North Carolina and federal unemployment benefits during the COVID-19 pandemic. Services provided by volunteer law students under the supervision of faculty members are limited in scope to unemployment consultation.

How to access the service:

Some of the questions submitted have asked about concerns about going back to work, options for self-employed or independent contractors, and how long benefits might last for those on furlough.

This project is part of the School’s Pro Bono Program, which provides assistance to attorneys who provide high-quality legal services at no fee or substantially reduced fee to individuals in need and to create a lifelong commitment to pro bono work among Wake Forest Law students.

MEDIA CONTACT: Stephanie Skordas, 336-758-5719, skordas@wfu.edu