Meet Vincent Bivona (JD ’23)

portrait of vincent bivona

Vincent Bivona’s (JD ’23) successful participation in the 1L Trial Bar Competition pushed him out of his comfort zone and allowed him to identify his strengths and passions for the law.

Where do you call home?

Staten Island, New York

Where did you study for your undergraduate degree?

Duke University

What year will you graduate from Wake Forest Law?


Describe any experiences prior to law school that influenced your decision to go to law school. Why did it inspire you?

I received my undergraduate education at Duke University where I pursued a degree in Visual & Media Studies and Innovation & Entrepreneurship. Upon graduating, I worked for two years as a project manager at a New York City-based construction company. These two experiences, while seemingly unrelated to law, pushed me to develop and exhibit collaborative skill sets and work as a researcher, a problem solver, and a communicator. After identifying that these are essential skills a lawyer must possess, and becoming more motivated to increase my ability to collaborate with people and advocate for others in the pursuit of their goals, I decided to pursue a career in law.

Why did you decide to attend Wake Forest Law?

Wake Forest offered the best financial opportunity for me to receive a legal education. Additionally, I believe the smaller, intimate educational setting was best suited for my educational goals.

Describe the Wake Forest community. Provide specific examples if possible.

The Wake Forest community is supportive, collegial, and communal. Students support and uplift one another to do better. Encouraging the success of others motivates students to succeed and excel themselves.

What is your most memorable experience during law school (thus far)? What makes it so memorable?

In my first semester, I participated in the 1L Trial Bar Competition. I originally got involved to push myself and try something outside of my comfort zone. Ultimately, I ended up winning the competition. This experience confirmed that pushing yourself to get involved and explore your lawyering abilities will ultimately lead you to identify your strengths and where your passions lie.

Do you have a faculty mentor? If so, who and why? How does it add value to your student experience?

Yes, my faculty mentor is Professor Timothy Davis. Professor Davis has offered valuable advice in regards to generally adjusting to law school, exam preparation strategies, and overall support and direction as I begin to navigate my way through my law school career.

What do you do for fun in Winston-Salem when you aren’t studying?

I enjoy hiking at Pilot Mountain or Hanging Rock State Park, visiting breweries with friends, or eating dinner at one of the many great food options throughout the city.

Where do you want your law degree to take you?

My aspirations are to be a civil litigator and eventually start my own law practice.