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Professor Kami Chavis Simmons

Professor Kami Chavis Simmons interviewed by NPR about President Obama’s ban on sale of military-style equipment

Monday, President Barack Obama announced his administration will ban the sale of certain military-style equipment to local police departments. Professor Kami Chavis Simmons was the guest on Wisconsin Public Radio discussing this news with host, Rob Ferrett, on Monday, May 18, 2015. Continue reading »


Missed Hooding Ceremony or Stephen Colbert? Watch again on Livestream

For friends and family unable to attend the 2015 graduation exercises at Wake Forest University, the recorded webcast of the Wake Forest Law Hooding Ceremony 2015 and the Commencement webcast are both available to watch via the following Livestream players and links. Graduates, if your attending family members did not receive a print copy of the Hooding Ceremony program, please email with Hooding Program in the subject line by Friday, May 22 to request up to four programs that can be mailed to you.

Watch Commencement and comedian and author Stephen Colbert’s speech to the graduates at the Livestream website.



If you missed Stephen Colbert’s speech to the graduates watch it here:

Hooding 2015

Wake Forest Law confers hoods on 181 graduates, including a record 32 international Master of Laws in American Law degrees

The Wake Forest University School of Law conferred hoods on 181 graduates, including 32 international Master of Laws in American Law degree (LLM) candidates and a Scientiae Juridicae Doctors (S.J.D.) candidate, Juris Doctor (JD) candidates and Master of Studies in Law (MSL) candidates. That is compared to 30 international graduates in 2014 and 24 in 2013. It is the largest class of international graduates in the law school’s 121-year history. Continue reading »

Professor John Korzen

Professor John Korzen takes over appeal filed by Town of Beech Mountain against wildlife organization

According to representatives of Genesis Wildlife Sanctuary, the Town of Beech Mountain has chosen to appeal the Watauga County Superior Court’s verdict on the due process claim that awarded the wildlife rescue, rehabilitation and release center $361,000 in damages and accruing 8 percent interest. Wake Forest Law Professor John Korzen has agreed to take over appeal according to this article from the High Country Press. Continue reading »


Wake Forest Law Hooding Ceremony and Commencement Live Webcasts

Live Webcast

View the live webcast of the Hooding Ceremony beginning at 1:45 p.m. on Sunday, May 17.

The Class of 2015 has spoken and has chosen Professor Timothy Davis and Kenny Cushing (JD ’15) to be the speakers for the Wake Forest University School of Law Hooding Ceremony and it will be followed by the Dean’s Reception at 3 p.m. at the Millennium Center in downtown Winston-Salem.

View the live webcast of the Commencement beginning at 8:45 a.m. on Monday, May 18.

Commencement Exercises are held annually for graduates who completed their degree requirements in August, December and May of the academic year. Commencement lasts approximately three and a half hours. The Commencement Exercises include the University Commencement Ceremony, the transmigration of professional and graduate schools, and the Bachelor Degree Diploma Ceremony. Stephen Colbert, comedian and late night television host, will deliver the 2015 Commencement address.


Fordham University follows Wake Forest Law in plans to launch Two-Year JD for International Students

Fordham University’s School of Law has announced plans to launch a two-year JD program in fall 2015.

The program is called the “Advanced Standing” JD, and will be aimed at international candidates who already have an LL.M. from a US law school.

Graduates of the new JD program will be eligible to sit for the bar exam in New York and other jurisdictions.

A number of US-based law schools have recently launched two-year JD programs, which are one year shorter than traditional JDs.

Indeed, the announcement comes just months after Wake Forest University Law School announced a similar two-year JD program, which is also aimed at international candidates (admission to the Wake Forest program does not, however, require an LL.M.).

And in February, New York Law School announced a two-year JD program which is aimed at honors students.

Fordham promises that admission to its new Advanced Standing JD program will be “extremely competitive,” and only a handful of applicants will be accepted each year.

View the original story here.

Jay Shively

Admissions Assistant Dean Jay Shively quoted in U.S. News and World Report about smart ways prospective law students should spend ‘gap year’

When college is in the rearview mirror and law school lies ahead, J.D. hopefuls can use the time in between to do a variety of things or nothing at all. Continue reading »

Professor Timothy Davis tells Boston Herald attorney for NFL quarterback Tom Brady isn’t dealing with a complex matter

Wake Forest Law Professor Timothy Davis was interviewed in the following story about New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s legal troubles here.

Attorney Jeffrey Kessler. Photo by The Associated Press (File)

Tom Brady wins Super Bowls, Jeffrey Kessler overturns suspensions.

Brady’s high-powered lawyer, appointed to him by the NFL Players Association in the wake of the controversial Deflategate penalties, is one of the best in the business. Players love him, lawyers respect him, and, most importantly, the NFL fears him.

“From everything I know about Kessler, he’s an exceptional lawyer,” said Clayton Halunen, a Minneapolis attorney who represented punter Chris Kluwe in an investigation against the Minnesota Vikings. “He’s an aggressive attorney who will fight, and he has been successful at fighting. He makes things happen.”

Halunen cited the case of Adrian Peterson, a running back for the Vikings suspended for assaulting his son. Halunen was getting ready to sue the NFL for Peterson.

It didn’t get to that point. Kessler stepped in on behalf of the NFLPA and had Peterson’s suspension, handed down by commissioner Roger Goodell, erased earlier this year.

Last year, he had former Baltimore Ravens running Ray Rice’s indefinite suspension thrown out.

“He’s not someone who is going to sit back and wait for things to happen,” Halunen said. “He will go after Roger Goodell right away. He’s exactly the type of guy Brady needed in his corner.”

Kessler is the reason Brady — facing a four-game suspension — could end up with a lighter sentence.

While the New York litigator has had huge success in getting NFL-levied suspensions overturned, he’s also a sought-after antitrust attorney. That’s the hyper-complicated area of law that regulates the conduct and organization of massive corporations.

He successfully defended Japanese companies Matsushita and JVC in a case that ended up at the U.S. Supreme Court. He also litigated an antitrust suit against the NFL that led to the establishment of free agency.

That’s a little more complicated than determining whether someone had general knowledge how some footballs were deflated.

“He’s very knowledgeable and has dealt with complex matters, and I don’t see this as being a very complex matter,” said Timothy Davis, a sports law professor at Wake Forest University School of Law. “Antitrust matters are very complex with very technically difficult issues.”

Kessler’s ability to digest complicated issues and aggressively advocate for his clients has earned him other victories against the NFL.

In the Bountygate scandal, he had the sanctions erased against four players from the New Orleans Saints. He convinced former commissioner Paul Tagliabue, hired by Goodell as an independent arbitrator, to toss the penalties.

“I think there are some parallels here to Bountygate,” said Jay Fee, a Boston-based sports business attorney. “In each of the vacating of the disciplines meted out by Goodell, Tagliabue’s findings used things like insufficient evidence, contentious lack of merit, actions of players were not conduct detrimental to football, lack of a record, selective prosecutions. It’s pretty interesting.”

Now Kessler will go head-to-head with a familiar foe and try to discredit the multi-million dollar report that said Brady was generally aware of something that probably happened.

It sounds like one of the NFL’s worst enemies is getting ready for another win.

Adam Kurkjian contributed to this report.

Will Hester ('14) and Erin Woodrum ('14)

Erin Woodrum (’14) and Will Hester (’14) share their experiences at Piedmont Law Center

After Erin Woodrum (’14) passed the bar exam, she spent some time at home feeling sorry for herself about not having a job. She considered going into solo practice, but was petrified at that prospect. After suffering a mini-meltdown about her options with a group of young lawyers, she called contacts at the School of Law.

Continue reading »

Ashley Escoe (‘16) and Maria Nkonge (‘16) bring unique perspectives to bridging law and faith

When Wake Forest University graduate students Maria Nkonge (‘16) and Ashley Escoe (‘16) decided to apply for the joint Master of Divinity (MDiv) and Juris Doctorate (JD) degree program with Schools of Divinity and Law, both knew they had been called to a vocation that was people-centric. They each agree that the four walls of the church is not the only place where works of faith are found. Continue reading »