John Byron (’11) Argues in U.S. Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals

John Byron (’11) argued to the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, in Richmond, Va., on Friday, Sept. 24, as part of the law school’s Appellate Advocacy Clinic.  The Fourth Circuit decides federal appeals from five states, including North Carolina.  The Clinic represents Danny Keith Thomas in the case of United States v. Thomas. Continue reading »

Gulf Oil Spill Shows Regulation is Not a Four-Letter Word

While calls for smaller government and more freedom for industry are common, the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico raises the question whether consumer safety is being jeopardized by a lack of effective regulation. Wake Forest University Law Professor Sidney Shapiro, one of the country’s leading experts on regulatory policy, says the solution may lie in reforming the regulatory system. Continue reading »

School of Law welcomes diverse group of international students for 2010-2011

The Wake Forest University School of Law welcomed a group of more than a dozen Master of Laws (LL.M.) degree students and one S.J.D. candidate to orientation and a luncheon on Thursday, Aug. 12. Continue reading »

Law school welcomes the class of 2013

Spouses, children, parents and significant others of first-year law and LLM students enjoyed a welcome picnic in the courtyard of the Worrell Professional Center on Friday, Aug. 13, after a day full of orientation activities, which included computer training.  Dinner was followed by twilight tours of campus led by second- and third-year law students.

Continue reading »

Professor co-authors book to help college students avoid legal troubles

In a study conducted by the University of Missouri, 69 percent of college students who used false identification to purchase alcohol had borrowed an actual ID from a relative or a friend rather than purchased a forgery.  As college students in North Carolina head to classes this fall, they may not realize that using the real ID of another person is a felony in this state.  Or that there are a host of laws they may be unaware that they are breaking, which could have life-altering affects on their futures. Continue reading »

Appellate Clinic wins Industrial Commission Appeal

The Full Commission of the North Carolina Industrial Commission recently ruled in favor of the Wake Forest University School of Law Appellate Advocacy Clinic, in the case of David Crump and Sharon L. Crump v. N.C. Dept. of Health and Human Services.  The Full Commission is a group of appellate judges who review decisions by trial judges in the Industrial Commission, which has jurisdiction over state tort and workers compensation claims. Continue reading »

Cherokee youth explore law careers

Twenty high school students from the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians had the opportunity to explore careers in law during the College Careers and Technology (C-CAT) program at Wake Forest University July 19-21. Continue reading »

Many new attorneys having tough time in this economy

When Kristen Formanek graduated from the University of Iowa’s College of Law in May, she wondered if she would find a job in her field. Read the full story »

Trials and tribulations: Economy impacting law grads

Recent law school graduates face the toughest job outlook in decades. While some are landing in traditional roles, many others are embracing alternatives or starting solo practices. Here is a look at how five who graduated from Triad law schools in May are faring.Read the full story »

So You Want to Be a Lawyer

Is there such a thing as a recession proof job? Conventional wisdom used to say lawyers will always have work, no matter what the economy. People who follow the legal field said this is now the worst environment for law school graduates in a generation. Bob Buckley looks at whether any profession is immune from the law of economics. Read the full story »