So You Want to Be a Lawyer

Is there such a thing as a recession proof job? Conventional wisdom used to say lawyers will always have work, no matter what the economy. People who follow the legal field said this is now the worst environment for law school graduates in a generation. Bob Buckley looks at whether any profession is immune from the law of economics. Read the full story »

Getting paid not to work

NEW YORK ( — As many Americans are struggling to find a job, some are getting paid as much as $80,000 a year not to work. Read the full story »

Verdict is in: Legal job market tightens

NEW YORK ( — Employment opportunities for legal professionals have traditionally been plentiful – and lucrative. But as the economy has dried up, so too have those jobs.Read the full story »

WFU School of Law professor participates in J. Alston Atkins Memorial Lecture panel discussion

Wake Forest University School of Law professor Wendy Parker participated in a panel discussion on Oct. 30 following Winston-Salem State University’s J. Alston Atkins Memorial Lecture in Constitutional Law.

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