Photo of Professor Mark Hall

Faculty Profile: Mark Hall

If you haven’t seen Mark Hall’s name in print or online, heard his voice on the radio or seen his face on television in the past year, you probably haven’t been paying close attention to the health-care reform debate. Continue reading »

Photo of Wake Forest Law Professor Chris Coughlin

Faculty Profile: Chris Coughlin (’90)

The first time Chris Nero Coughlin (’90) stepped into the classroom as a professor she felt like she was home. Continue reading »

Photo of Former Dean Blake Morant and Paul Lancaster Adams ('93)

Paul Lancaster Adams (’93) isn’t afraid to take chances

Paul Lancaster Adams (’93) says one of the interesting things about being at Microsoft is working with such remarkably smart and talented people.  Continue reading »

Photo of students-alumni mentoring program

Students, alumni benefit from mentoring program

Second- and third-year law students and their alumni mentors give high marks to the mentoring program Wake Forest University School of Law launched in August 2008.

Continue reading »

Alumni Profile: Rev. Susan Sparks (’87)

Susan Sparks (JD ’87) may be the only female standup comedian in the nation who serves as senior minister of a church. Add in her career as a trial lawyer and a country singer and you have the dynamic leader of the Madison Avenue Baptist Church in New York City. Continue reading »

Faculty Profile: Tom Roberts

After 33 years of teaching property law, Professor Tom Roberts retired in June. A nationally recognized authority on land use law, Roberts possesses a particular expertise in constitutional property rights litigation. He is co-author of the leading case book on Land Use law, used in more than 100 law schools across the country, as well as a treatise on the same subject. Continue reading »

Faculty Profile: Pat Roberts

Pat Roberts, who taught at the Wake Forest University School of Law since 1979, retired in June. She was a well-respected teacher and scholar in the subjects of Property, Decedents’ Estates and Trusts, and Donative Transfers. Continue reading »

Faculty Profile: Tanya Marsh

Tanya Marsh loved her first-year property class at Harvard Law School. Combine her natural interest in real estate transactions with the fact that she is the daughter of a former professor of law at the Indiana University School of Law – Indianapolis, it’s no surprise that she eventually found herself in front of a classroom. Continue reading »

Faculty Profile: Jonathan Cardi

Professor Jonathan Cardi is best known for his expertise in tort law and his research into the nature and source of the duty concept. He has also begun research in the area of race issues, specifically how race affects tort outcomes. Continue reading »

Allan Head (’69) receives Bolton Award from NABE

Allan B. Head, executive director of the North Carolina Bar Association since 1981, has received the Bolton Award, the highest honor bestowed by the National Association of Bar Executives. Continue reading »