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Wake Forest Law faculty move up eight spots on 2018 Scholarly Impact Score ranking

Members of the Wake Forest Law faculty have moved up eight spots on the “Scholarly Impact of Law School Faculties in 2018: Updating the Leiter Score Ranking for the Top Third“ by Gregory C. Sisk (St. Thomas) et al.

The updated 2018 study explores the scholarly impact of law faculties, ranking the top third of American Bar Association (ABA)-accredited law schools. Refined by Brian Leiter, the “Scholarly Impact Score” for a law faculty is calculated from the mean and the median of total law journal citations over the past five years to the work of tenured faculty members. In addition to a school-by-school ranking, it reports the mean, median, and weighted score, along with a listing of the tenured law faculty members at each school with the 10 highest individual citation counts.

According to the new ranking, Wake Forest faculty members whose scholarship had the most impact in 2018 are: Jonathan Cardi, Kami Chavis, Michael Curtis, Michael Green, Mark Hall, John Knox, Alan Palmiter, Gregory Parks, Sid Shapiro, Margaret Taylor, and Ron Wright. Continue reading »

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North Carolina Jury Sunshine Project findings now available for journalists covering 2018 elections

Wake Forest Law Professors Ron WrightKami Chavis and Gregory Parks have collected statistics about felony trial jury selection across North Carolina’s 100 counties as part of their research regarding jury selection. This overall research effort is known as the “Jury Sunshine Project.”

The researchers have produced a database — the first of its kind — of jury selection outcomes in felony trials in all 100 counties of North Carolina.

In a recent “Criminal Injustice” podcast interview, Wright explained his motive for starting this research: “I am interested in prosecutors and I am interested in who looks over their shoulders. It’s weird that prosecutors get to choose their own bosses.”

Wake Forest Law is making this database available for journalists to analyze the performance of elected officials (prosecutors and judges) in each district in the state. Contact Wright for access to each county’s data. Continue reading »