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U.S. Is Seeking a Fine of $16.4 Million Against Toyota

DETROIT — The Transportation Department said Monday it would seek a $16.4 million fine against Toyota, the largest allowed, because the company had failed to promptly notify the government about potential problems with accelerator pedals. Read the full story »

Why gov’t regulators seem unprepared

I don’t know that James Lentz did himself any favors on Capitol Hill today. Mr. Lentz is the president of Toyota USA. And he spent this Tuesday at the witness table in front of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, at one point saying he’s not sure all of Toyota’s recalls will “totally solve” the problem its cars are having. Read the full story »

Regulators Hired by Toyota Helped Halt Acceleration Probes

Feb. 13 (Bloomberg) — At least four U.S. investigations into unintended acceleration by Toyota Motor Corp. vehicles were ended with the help of former regulators hired by the automaker, warding off possible recalls, court and government records show. Read the full story »

Faculty News and Notes Winter 2010

Following is the most recent roundup of Wake Forest University School of Law’s faculty research, publications, presentations, honors and awards. Continue reading »

Safety advocates want Toyota to do more on pedal issue

LOS ANGELES — Auto safety advocates say Toyota’s recall plan to fix 3.8 million cars and trucks doesn’t go far enough to address complaints about a potential for runaway acceleration in its vehicles. Read the full story »

CFTC Gets Derivatives Advice From Industry Insiders

Like many federal agencies contemplating reform these days, the Commodities Futures Trading Commission is hearing a lot from the industry it regulates.

But executives and lobbyists don’t always have to knock on the commission’s door. Some are already inside. Read the full story »

Third-year student Timothy Wyatt receives graduate research award in public-sector aviation issues

Timothy Wyatt (’10) has received the Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP) graduate research award in public-sector aviation issues.

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Italian health care attorney presents ‘The Italian Health Care System — Lessons for the U.S.?’ on Sept. 11

Amleto Cattarin, a lecturer from the University of Padova, will present “The Italian Health Care System — Lessons for the U.S.?” on Friday, Sept. 11, at the Wake Forest University School of Law.

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Professor Sidney Shapiro teaches American public law course in Italy

Wake Forest University School of Law Professor Sidney Shapiro was a visiting professor at the University of Padova in Padova, Italy, from April 1 – May 31. Shapiro, who is the law school’s Associate Dean for Research and Development as well as the University Distinguished Chair in Law, taught a course on American public law. He also gave a public lecture on “American Political Values and The Financial Crisis.” Continue reading »

A New Approach to Workplace Dangers

President Obama recently announced the nomination of David Michaels to head up the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Michaels, a public health professional, has been an outspoken critic of polluting industries, accusing them of manufacturing uncertainty so as to undermine the science behind regulation. Host Jeff Young talks to Sidney Shapiro, a Wake Forest Law Professor and OSHA expert, about this nomination.Read the full story »