Sidney Shapiro

Law Review hosts ‘The Asymmetry of Administrative Law: The Lack of Public Participation and the Public Interest’ on March 30

The Wake Forest University Law Review will host its 2012 symposium, “The Asymmetry of Administrative Law: The Lack of Public Participation and the Public Interest” on Friday, March 30, in the Worrell Professional Center. Continue reading »

Sidney Shapiro cited in Watchdog column

It’s got all the ingredients of a high-stakes courtroom thriller: billions of dollars on the line, intense Wall Street deal-making, and highly profitable oil speculation. But the big banks aren’t taking any chances in this drama. They’ve hired the son of Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia to help them fight regulations which might crimp their profits. Continue reading »

Professor Sidney Shapiro’s research cited in case against ‘Economist’ report

The Economist‘s recent series on “Over-regulated America” (which it admits “draws on the ideas of Philip Howard,” a top Washington, D.C., corporate lawyer) gets regulation wrong by proposing “solutions” that won’t work and would jeopardize the safety, health and prosperity of all Americans.

Continue reading »

Professor Sidney Shapiro gives presentation on democracy, regulation and philosophical pragmatism in England

Professor Sid Shapiro presented a paper, “A Pragmatic Perspective on Democracy and Regulation,” at the University of Leeds School of Law, Leeds, England, on Tuesday, Feb. 14, 2012. Continue reading »

Professor Sidney Shapiro quoted by Businessweek on employment impact of environmental regulation

When the Obama Administration announced tough new pollution regulations for power plants last year, the industry loudly protested. The rules, which among other things will require coal-fired plants to make deep reductions in mercury and sulphur dioxide emissions by 2015, will cost utilities at least $12 billion, the Environmental Protection Agency estimates. Coal producers put the price tag at $21 billion. They say electricity prices will spike 12 percent, dozens of plants will close, and thousands of workers will lose their jobs. Continue reading »

The New Republic quotes Professor Sidney Shapiro on rising White House concerns

When President Obama took office, most environmental activists assumed that their cause would still meet resistance in Washington DC — they just assumed it would be located in Congress. But according to activists, a chief opponent of environmental causes has turned out to be within the White House itself: The Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA). Continue reading »

Professor Sidney Sharpiro quoted on debate over Farm Dust Regulation Prevention Act

WASHINGTON – Imagine a cadre of inspectors taking air samples near dry dirt roads and corrals in rural Missouri and Illinois. If they find too much “farm dust” in the wind, the enforcers would dole out stiff fines to hapless farmers or ranchers.  Continue reading »

Occupational Safety and Health Reporter quotes Sidney Shapiro on REINS Act

In yet another display of their commitment to re-shape the regulatory apparatus, House Republicans easily pushed through a pair of bills Dec. 1 and 2 that could hinder federal agencies, including the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, from issuing new rules. Continue reading »

Photo of Professor Sidney Shapiro

Professor Sidney Shapiro to testify in front of Congress on Tuesday, Oct. 25

Professor Sidney Shapiro, the University Distinguished Chair in Law, is among a group that has been asked to testify on Tuesday, Oct. 25, in front of the U.S. House of Representatives’ Committee on the Judiciary regarding H.R. 3010, the “Regulatory Accountability Act of 2011.” Continue reading »

Professor Sidney Shapiro’s study quoted in an article in Manila (Phillipines) Bulletin

MANILA, Philippines — As part of the agency’s efforts to streamline the bureaucracy, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has abolished three departments due to redundant functions and budget constraints. Continue reading »