Alan Palmiter

The Unseen Figures of Your Funds

When mutual-fund investors think about who’s responsible for the performance—or underperformance—of their shares, they usually tag the fund manager. Read the full story »

Authors of first study of the regulation of mutual fund performance advertising say ban is likely needed

In a study that could have far-reaching implications for the more than 50 million U.S. households that invest in mutual funds, researchers have found that mutual fund performance advertisements are misleading investors by encouraging them to buy funds with high past returns. Continue reading »

Incubation bias: Not just a hedge fund issue according to two law professors

It is often argued that aggregate hedge fund performance data suffers from a near-fatal flaw: since it is voluntarily reported by the manager, hedge fund indices only include funds that the managers have deemed marketable.  In 2002, David Hsieh of Duke University and William Fung of London Business School wrote a seminal article on this issue called “Benchmarks of Hedge Fund Performance: Information Content and Measurement Biases.”Read the full story »