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Faculty News

Bobby Chesney participated in a faculty workshop at the University of Iowa in September, presenting an article on the topic of terrorism prosecutions (“Beyond Conspiracy?  Anticipatory Prosecution and the Challenge of Unaffiliated Terrorism”) that will be published next spring by the Southern California Law Review.  The Iowa Law Review has agreed to publish a separate article by Professor Chesney – “Unraveling Deference: Hamdan, Judicial Power, and Executive Treaty Interpretations” – also next spring.  In October, Professor Chesney will participate in a symposium on the Supreme Court’s Hamdan v. Rumsfeld decision sponsored by the George Washington Law Review, which will subsequently be publishing his article “The Origins and Evolution of the State Secrets Privilege.”  The next week, he will participate in a panel discussing the most recent military commission legislation during the annual Air Force Judge Advocate General conference.

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