Group photo of Thomas Gaffney, Chris Choe and Kelly Donigan studying abroad in Beijing

Wake Forest Law offers students unique study abroad opportunity through new partnership with UIBE School of Law in Beijing, China

For the first time in the history of Wake Forest Law, JD students have the opportunity to spend a semester studying at a university in China. Continue reading »

Photo of Qiuge-Xiao (LLM '15)

Qiuge Xiao (LLM ’15) to intern for United Nations Yearbook Unit in summer of 2015

Qiuge Xiao (LLM ’15), a resident of the Qinghai province in China, knew she wanted to travel abroad to study international law, specifically human rights and environmental law. When she discovered the LL.M. at Wake Forest Law, she decided it was the best place for her to learn about her passions.

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