Faculty Profile

Photo of Professor Steve Garland (JD '80) outside of the Worrell Professional Center

Faculty Profile – Steve Garland (JD ’80)

From an afternoon daily newspaper to Charlotte and Winston-Salem law firms to serving as town attorney, Wake Forest Law Professor of Practice Steve Garland (JD ‘80) eventually found his way to the law school classroom.

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Photo of Wake Forest Law Professor Andrew Verstein

Professor Andrew Verstein enjoys helping students and the public clarify complicated concepts

When Professor Andrew Verstein took contract law classes at Yale Law School, he didn’t expect to discover his passion for the subject he now teaches, and characterizes, as ”vitally exciting.”

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Photo of Harold Lloyd

Professor Harold Lloyd marries legal theory with real world landlord-tenant disputes, employment contracts

Wake Forest Law Professor Harold Lloyd studied philosophy as an undergraduate. Students who take his classes may expect to discuss only lofty legal theory.  Continue reading »

Photo of Rebecca Morrow

Professor Rebecca Morrow uses story telling to help explain the law to students

Wake Forest Law Professor Rebecca Morrow grew up with chalk in her veins.  Both her parents were high school teachers and she hoped to follow them into teaching. Continue reading »

Photo of Chris Meazell, director of the master's program at the Wake Forest University School of Law

Chris Meazell charts new course as director of Master of Studies in Law program

As a professional musician turned entertainment lawyer, Chris Meazell already knew a thing or two about career reinvention. Continue reading »

Photo of Professor Miki Felsenburg

Professor Miki Felsenburg (’91) remains involved in LAWR instruction research despite retiring

When Professor Miki Felsenburg (’91) first got the call to teach at Wake Forest law school, she turned it down. Continue reading »

Photo of Wake Forest Law Professor Kami Chavis

Professor Kami Chavis Simmons uses her experience as a prosecutor to promote police accountability

Jurors recently convicted five police officers accused of civil rights violations and obstruction of justice following a shooting of six people in New Orleans.  Federal prosecutors alleged that the defendant police officers shot at two families as they crossed the Danziger Bridge in New Orleans while fleeing Hurricane Katrina’s floodwaters. Two victims, one of which sustained gunshot wounds to the back of the head, died, and four others were critically wounded.  Prosecutors claimed that after the shooting, the police engaged in an elaborate effort to conceal the fact that the victims were unarmed and to give the appearance that the officers’ actions were justified.  Continue reading »

Photo of Professor Mark Hall

Faculty Profile: Mark Hall

If you haven’t seen Mark Hall’s name in print or online, heard his voice on the radio or seen his face on television in the past year, you probably haven’t been paying close attention to the health-care reform debate. Continue reading »

Photo of Wake Forest Law Professor Chris Coughlin

Faculty Profile: Chris Coughlin (’90)

The first time Chris Nero Coughlin (’90) stepped into the classroom as a professor she felt like she was home. Continue reading »

Photo of Professor Sidney Shapiro

Faculty Profile: Sidney Shapiro says regulatory failure can sink the economy

As a law student, Sidney Shapiro dropped his administrative law course because it was so boring.“It was my least favorite class,” he says with a laugh. Continue reading »