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Professor Sidney Shapiro

Professor Sidney Shapiro named among 20 most-cited administrative law faculty

Professor Sidney Shapiro has been named the 19th most-cited administrative law faculty member from 2010 to 2014 in Brian Leiter’s law school report, published originally on Law Professor Blogs Network on May 24, 2016.  See below for details about the study.

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Harold Lloyd

Professor Harold Lloyd writes about ‘Religious Hypocrites and Their Timeless Tactics: McCrory, Tartuffe, and House Bill 2′ on The Huffington Post

Professor Harold Lloyd wrote the following blog, “Religious Hypocrites and Their Timeless Tactics: McCrory, Tartuffe, and House Bill,” on The Huffington Post on May 21, 2016.

Editor’s Note: The views and opinions of our faculty members that are invited to write in national media outlets are their own, and not reflective of Wake Forest Law as an institution. Our policy is to re-publish all faculty member articles that are published in national media.

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Professor of International Law John Knox

Professor John Knox proposes revisions to Paris Agreement component to incorporate ‘strong social and environmental safeguards’

Professor John Knox‘s work as the United Nations special rapporteur on Human Rights and the Environment in his proposed revisions to a Paris Agreement component is detailed  in the following article, “Climate negotiators focus on carbon credits, underplay human rights,” written by Wake Forest Professor Justin Catanoso and published originally in Mongabay on May 23, 2016.

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Wake Forest Law School Professor Kami Simmons

Professor Kami Chavis Simmons interviewed by Wisconsin Public Radio about Baltimore officer acquitted in Freddie Gray’s death

Professor Kami Chavis Simmons was interviewed by Wisconsin Public Radio host Rob Ferrett on May 23, 2016, for the original story “Baltimore Police Officer Acquitted in Freddie Gray’s Death,” which follows. You can listen to the interview here.

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Professor Harold Lloyd writes more about N.C. House Bill 2 and Gov. Pat McCrory on The Huffington Post

Professor Harold Lloyd authored the following blog post, “Current Politics and the ‘McCrory,’ ” on The Huffington Post on April 11, 2016. Continue reading »

Professor Shannon Gilreath quoted in The Washington Post about why LGBT issues haven’t come up for the GOP

Professor Shannon Gilreath was quoted in the following story originally published in The Washington Post on March 10, 2016, here.

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Wake Forest Law School Professor Kami Simmons

Professor Kami Simmons quoted in Christian Science Monitor regarding Baltimore video shedding new light on police violence

Professor Harold Lloyd writes on Huffington Post: ‘Kennings: I’ve Made a Little List’

The following post was written by Professor Harold Lloyd and originally published on Feb. 9, 2016, as a blog on The Huffington Post here. Continue reading »

Professor Michael Curtis

Professor Michael Curtis quoted in Winston-Salem Journal regarding North Carolina’s voter ID requirements

Professor Michael Curtis tells the Winston-Salem Journal here there appears to be both racial and political reasons for the photo ID requirements. The original story by Michael Hewlett follows.

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Wake Forest health law researchers argue in favor of Medicaid expansion in North Carolina

The Winston-Salem Journal originally published the following story by Richard Craver here on Monday, Jan. 25, 2016:

The debate about whether to expand Medicaid coverage to an additional 500,000 North Carolinians has reached a political crossroads, according to two Wake Forest University researchers. Mark Hall and Edwin Shoaf, nationally recognized health care law experts, released Monday a 12-page brief that weighs the pros and cons of expanding the N.C. Medicaid program. The brief can be accessed here. Continue reading »