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Photo of Harold Lloyd

Professor Harold Lloyd writes on Huffington Post: ‘Kennings: I’ve Made a Little List’

The following post was written by Professor Harold Lloyd and originally published on Feb. 9, 2016, as a blog on The Huffington Post here. Continue reading »

Photo of Wake Forest School of Law Professor Michael Curtis

Professor Michael Curtis quoted in Winston-Salem Journal regarding North Carolina’s voter ID requirements

Professor Michael Curtis tells the Winston-Salem Journal here there appears to be both racial and political reasons for the photo ID requirements. The original story by Michael Hewlett follows.

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Wake Forest health law researchers argue in favor of Medicaid expansion in North Carolina

The Winston-Salem Journal originally published the following story by Richard Craver here on Monday, Jan. 25, 2016:

The debate about whether to expand Medicaid coverage to an additional 500,000 North Carolinians has reached a political crossroads, according to two Wake Forest University researchers. Mark Hall and Edwin Shoaf, nationally recognized health care law experts, released Monday a 12-page brief that weighs the pros and cons of expanding the N.C. Medicaid program. The brief can be accessed here. Continue reading »

Photo of Mark Rabil

Innocence and Justice Clinic director shares thoughts on ‘Making a Murderer’ documentary with WXII

Professor Mark Rabil, the director of Wake Forest Law’s Innocence Clinic, said he started teaching the Steven Avery murder case years before the “Making a Murderer” documentary came out. He shares his thoughts on what the popular series shows with WXII’s Briana Conner. Watch the video here. Continue reading »

Photo of Julia de la Parra

New Two-Year JD for International Lawyers degree featured in LLM Guide

Wake Forest Law’s new Two-Year JD for International Lawyers is featured in the international LLM Guide here. An excerpt from the original story follows.

Julia de la Parra, a lawyer from Argentina, received her J.D. in Buenos Aires in 2008, spent four and a half years working there, then completed an LL.M. at Northwestern University and assumed an associated professional job at a North Carolina law firm. Continue reading »

Photo of Professor Kami Chavis

Professor Kami Chavis Simmons joins HuffPo Live discussion regarding Bill Cosby charges

Professor Kami Chavis Simmons joined Cultural Critic Michaela Angela Davis, Senior Staff Writer Jamilah King and Salon Politics Writer Amanda Marcotte on the HuffPo Live segment to discuss “Comedian Faces Charges For 2004 Assault,” which originally aired on Dec. 31, 2015. Continue reading »

Photo of Harold Lloyd

Professor Harold Lloyd publishes ‘Poets and Lawyers: Birds of a Feather’ on The Huffington Post blog

Professor Harold Lloyd published the following piece on his Huffington Post blog here:

People are often surprised to learn that the great American poet Wallace Stevens was a lawyer. His “real job” was heading the fidelity and surety claims division of Hartford Accident and Indemnity Company. He was also an officer of the affiliated Harvard Livestock Insurance Company. Continue reading »

Photo of Professor Shannon Gilreath lecturing at podium

Professor Shannon Gilreath (JD ’02) tells the Advocate the real promise of the transgender movement is freedom from gender restrictions

Professor Shannon Gilreath (JD ’02) tells the Advocate in the following story, “The real promise of the transgender movement is not the freedom to figure out ways to become more fully male or fully female, but rather freedom from gender entirely.” Read the original story posted on Dec. 14, 2015, by Cleis Abeni, “Psst … There’s a Radical Notion in a New Report About Gender Language,” here.

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Professor John Knox featured on CNBC, other media regarding Missouri Superfund landfill site

Professor John Knox is expected to receive a special report regarding the investigation of human rights violations against communities surrounding Republic Services’ West Lake Superfund landfill site in Bridgeton, Missouri, in his role as UN Special Rapporteur of the United Nations Human Rights and Environment Program. Read the original story here. Continue reading »

Photo of Wake Forest Law Professor Andrew Verstein

Bloomberg View cites Professor Andrew Verstein law review article about insider trading in commodities markets

Professor Andrew Verstein‘s law review article and recent blog post regarding insider trading in commodities markets is referenced in the following Bloomberg View story by Matt Levine. Read the original report here.

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