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Professor Tim Davis

Professor Tim Davis quoted in Orlando Sentinel regarding image of black athletes

Journalists and sports pundits alike have criticized, analyzed and hypothesized about why the system of college sports is breaking down at length in the past week. But we’ve been ignoring a big black elephant in the room. Continue reading »

Wake Forest named among ‘Best Value’ law schools by National Jurist, preLaw magazines

Wake Forest University School of Law is once again among the nation’s “Best Value” law schools, according to the National Jurist and preLaw magazines. Continue reading »

Professor Simone Rose

Professor Simone Rose op/ed in the Huffington Post says the battle over gene patents is most likely headed to Supreme Court

Courts need to be the keepers of the Constitution. But the Federal Circuit has failed its duty in the current battle over the patentability of isolated genes and gene sequences that are crucial to the fight against breast and ovarian cancer. Continue reading »

Professor Kami Simmons

Professor Kami Simmons op/ed in the Huffington Post focuses on need for implementing systemic police reforms

Jurors recently convicted five police officers accused of civil rights violations and obstruction of justice following a shooting of six people in New Orleans. Federal prosecutors alleged that the defendant police officers shot at two families as they crossed the Danziger Bridge in New Orleans while fleeing Hurricane Katrina’s floodwaters. Two victims, one of which sustained gunshot wounds to the back of the head, died, and four others were critically wounded. Prosecutors claimed that after the shooting, several officers engaged in an elaborate effort to conceal evidence that the victims were unarmed and to give the appearance that the officers’ actions were justified. Continue reading »

Professor John Korzen not surprised appeals court split on government meeting prayer case

An appeals court ruling against sectarian prayer at government meetings says it’s not just the prayer policy that matters, but the outcome — the actual prayers given — as well. Continue reading »

Professor Ralph Peeples

Professor Ralph Peeples offers ideas for debt-limit debaters

A professor at Wake Forest University School of Law who has taught classes on resolving disputes, Ralph Peeples knows a thing or two about conflict resolution and mediating intractable problems. Continue reading »

Professor Sidney Shapiro’s study quoted in an article in Manila (Phillipines) Bulletin

MANILA, Philippines — As part of the agency’s efforts to streamline the bureaucracy, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has abolished three departments due to redundant functions and budget constraints. Continue reading »

Executive Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Suzanne Reynolds quoted in Winston-Salem Journal regarding domestic violence case

KERNERSVILLE — The day after her husband of 35 years had a three-hour standoff with Kernersville police, Judy Masters took out an emergency domestic violence order against him. Continue reading »

Hickory death-penalty lawyer Lisa Dubs (’87) is earning the spotlight

Tears welled in Lisa Dubs’ eyes as the Mecklenburg jury acquitted her client of murdering his pregnant fiancee. Her voice cracked as she hugged Michael Mead. Continue reading »

Professor Mark Hall

Professor Mark Hall quoted in News and Observer regarding health care panel claims

The claim: Republican Congresswoman Renee Ellmers said that under the new health care law passed by Congress last year, a 15-member panel would have the power to deny a person’s surgery. She used the example of a person’s active 80-year-old mother who falls and breaks her hip and said that before the woman could have an operation, a physician would have to submit a request to a 15-person panel “to see whether or not that surgery can be done. Once that decision is made, the decision goes down. There is no oversight.” Continue reading »