Photo of the Worrell Professional Center, home to Wake Forest Law

Wake Forest Law hosts Legal Writing Institute one-day workshop, Friday, Dec. 9

Wake Forest Law is hosting a Legal Writing Institute one-day workshop, “From Orientation to Graduation: Weaving Legal Research, Analysis, & Writing Throughout the Curriculum,” on Friday, Dec. 9, 2016.  In attendance will be students and faculty from seven law schools.

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Photo of Wake Forest Law Professor Chris Coughlin

Professor Christine Nero Coughlin (JD ’90) tells National Jurist ‘how to excel in legal writing’

Professor Christine Nero Coughlin (JD ’90), director of the Legal Analysis, Writing and Research (LAWR) Program, was featured in the article, “Get ready for ’1L of a Ride,’” in the Fall 2016 Back to School issue of The National Jurist magazine.  Professor Coughlin tells the National Jurist “How to excel in legal writing.”  Her advice follows.

The article also contains advice from Andrew McClurg of the University of Memphis School of Law, Meredith Duncan of the University of Houston Law Center and Nancy Levit of the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law, as well as excerpts from the book, “Law School: Getting In, Getting Good, Getting the Gold,” by Thane Messinger.

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Heather Gram returns to teach LAWR, Business Drafting

Adjunct Professor Heather Gram will begin the 2016-2017 academic year teaching the first section of Legal Analysis, Writing and Research (LAWR) to first-year students in the fall. In the spring semester, she will teach the second section of Legal Analysis, Writing and Research as well as a Business Drafting course.

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Formerly with Oprah Winfrey’s Harpo Productions, Professor Heather Gram brings an entertainment industry perspective to the classroom

Having worked in legal broadcasting and on productions such as “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” Professor Heather Gram hopes to help her students realize the diverse applications of a law degree. Professor Gram says she plans to use her specialized experience to encourage creativity and excitement within the classroom.

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Photo of Brandy Nickoloff (JD '18) presenting her 'Limitless' program to faculty and staff.

Brandy Nickoloff (JD ’18) presents her program Limitless to Wake Forest Law faculty and staff

Brandy Nickoloff (JD ’18) has developed Limitless, a resiliency and performance enhancement training program that focuses on developing skills to train the mind..  Nickoloff presented the program for the first time to Wake Forest Law faculty and staff on Friday, July 15, in the Worrell Professional Center.

The presentation, sponsored by the Office of Career and Professional Development, was an overview of the conception, purpose and aims of the program, which Nickoloff developed during her 1L year as part of a project for her legal writing course with Professor Abigail Perdue.

“I was thrilled that our class discussions on grit and our Pro Humanitate class project inspired Brandy to develop Limitless.  Resiliency is essential to professional success, and Brandy has found an innovative way to foster it in others,” said Professor Perdue.

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Photo of Professor Russell Gold

Professor Russell Gold wants to help students find their own path in the law

Professor Russell Gold found his path within the law by combining his criminal law interests and his experiences within civil litigation. As Wake Forest Law’s newest Legal Analysis, Writing and Research (LAWR) faculty member, Professor Gold says he hopes to mentor law students to help them find their own specialty within the law.

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