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Professor Mark Hall comments on Obamacare and our healthcare system in N.C. Health News

The Affordable Care Act took the stage in three different venues at the General Assembly Tuesday,  March 17, 2014,  in both supporting-actor and lead roles.

Faculty News and Notes Winter 2013 – 2014

Following is the most recent roundup of Wake Forest University School of Law’s faculty research, publications, presentations, honors and awards. Continue reading »

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Professor Mark Hall appears on PBS Carolina Business Review discussing Affordable Care Act beginning Friday, Jan. 24

Professor Mark Hall will once again appear on the PBS series, “Carolina Business Review,” discussing the Affordable Care Act beginning at 8:30 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 24, on WTVI Charlotte. The show is a panel discussion of local highlights in business for the week with guests who speak regarding their particular business and its relation to economies in North and South Carolina. Continue reading »

Professor Mark Hall tells NPR it’s unlikely Alabama BlueCross knows what its risk-adjustment costs will be

Insurance companies aren’t crazy about their share of the , but mostly they’ve complained to politicians and regulators. Continue reading »

Professor Mark Hall co-authors study about Affordable Care Act, quoted in USA Today

WASHINGTON — Routine costs, not requirements of the Affordable Care Act, contributed to the majority of health insurance rate increases in the last year, a new study released Thursday shows. Continue reading »

Professor Mark Hall talks about to Reuters

President Barack Obama‘s health care law is facing its biggest test this weekend since its disastrous Oct. 1 launch, as Americans find out whether the administration has met a self-imposed deadline to fix its insurance shopping website.

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Professor Mark Hall quoted in Chicago Tribune regarding hospitals taking steps to ensure patients pay

Before undergoing an MRI, a CT scan or a surgery to clean up that wobbly knee, consumers had better become accustomed to hearing: “How do you intend to pay for that?”

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Professor Mark Hall comments on private exchanges regarding healthcare in Winston-Salem Journal

Persistent glitches with signing up for the federal health exchange has the top executive of North Carolina’s insurance outlet for people with pre-existing conditions advising customers to pursue offline assistance.

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Professor Mark Hall talks about health care exchanges and the Affordable Care Act on Carolina Business Review

Professor Mark Hall talked about the Health Care Exchanges and The Affordable Care Act on the Carolina Business Review show aired by North Carolina and South Carolina PBS stations on Friday, Oct. 25.

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Professor Mark Hall comments on BB&T entering private exchange sector

Employers and workers are gaining – gradually – more options for health insurance coverage through a relatively new concept called private exchanges.

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