Michael Curtis

Law Professors Mark Hall and Michael Curtis to square off in health care debate at noon on Thursday, April 26

As the U.S. Supreme Court considers the legality of health care reform, the Wake Forest School of Law will host a debate focusing on the core issues of its constitutional challenge. The debate, which is set for noon on Thursday, April 26, in Room 1312 of the Worrell Professional Center, will feature law Professors Mark Hall and Michael Curtis. 

Professor Michael Curtis says freedom of speech outweighs forcing students to say pledge

Michael Kent Curtis, Wake Forest law professor, told WGHP Fox 8 higher courts have ruled many times that freedom of speech outweighs forcing students to say the pledge.

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Professor Michael Curtis to participate in symposium on Albion Tourgée on Friday, Nov. 4

Registration is open for “A Radical Notion of Democracy: Law, Race and Albion Tourgée,” a public law and humanities symposium to be held in downtown Raleigh on Friday, Nov. 4. Continue reading »

Professor Michael Curtis gives keynote at Texas Tech Law Review Criminal Law Symposium on April 8

Professor Michael Curtis is giving the keynote address at the Texas Tech Law Review Criminal Law Symposium on April 8. Continue reading »

Some Court Decisions Should Be Criticized — Even if the Chief Justice is Within Earshot.

President Obama made a big mistake in his State of the Union according to the view suggested by “Justices Will Prevail,” an op-ed by former Clinton speechwriter, screenwriter, and author Jeff Shesol. With the Justices in attendance, the President criticized a recent and unprecedented Supreme Court decision that allowed corporate officers to use corporate treasury funds to oppose or support political candidates. The decision lets a few corporate executives use vast corporate resources (other people’s money) to support those who favor their views and oppose those who do not. The decision threatens to hugely alter the political landscape and vastly to increase already excessive corporate influence. Read the full story »

Professor Michael Curtis to participate in live national panel discussion on gun control, constitutional rights

Wake Forest University Law Professor Michael Kent Curtis, the Judge Donald L. Smith Professional in Constitutional and Public Law, will participate in a live national panel discussion, Beyond Gun Control: McDonald v. City of Chicago and Incorporation of the Bill of Rights, at 1:30 p.m. EST on Thursday, Feb. 25, via teleconference and audio webcast. The program is sponsored by the American Bar Association (ABA) Section of State and Local Government Law, and the ABA Center of Continuing Legal Education.

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John A. Bingham, Ohio’s best choice

GREENSBORO, N.C.: A group of Ohio lawmakers has been looking to replace the statue of former Gov. William Allen, which sits in the nation’s Capitol. Allen is known for his permissive attitude toward expansion of slavery and opposition to President Abraham Lincoln. To replace Allen, the group has considered a wide range of famous Ohioans from inventor Thomas Edison to comedian Bob Hope. Read the full story »

The mob assault on free speech

Organized mobs recently have disrupted public meetings. The mobs have shouted down congressmen, government officials and others who sought to discuss insurance reform and delivery of health care. Silencing speakers by mob action virtually eliminated discussion of these topics at meetings between citizens and congressmen and other officials.Read the full story »

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Expert: Law ‘Thorny’ When It Comes To Religious Events On Public Property

When it comes to religious activities in federally-funded housing facilities, regulations seem clear.

In theory, Bible studies, worship services, prayer meetings or Nativity scenes as part of any program funded through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development are not allowed under HUD policy. The issue came to light when residents at the Elm Towers public housing facility in High Point were recently told they had to stop holding worship services in a common area.Read the full story »

WFU School of Law professor to give keynote at University of San Diego Incorporation Conference

Wake Forest University School of Law professor Michael Curtis will provide the keynote address when the University of San Diego School of Law and the Center for the Study of Constitutional Originalism presents “The Fourteenth Amendment and the Bill of Rights: What Have We Learned? Why Does it Matter?” on Jan. 7.

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