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Professor Russell Gold quoted by WSJ regarding Gorsuch confirmation hearings

Professor Russell Gold is quoted in the following Wall Street Journal story, “Gorsuch, a Conservative Firebrand in College, Evolved Into a Conciliator,” written by Jess Bravin and published on March 19, 2017. The story was also published on Following is an excerpt:

Those who aren’t sold include Wake Forest University law professor Russell Gold, who clerked for 10th Circuit Judge Carlos Lucero, a Bill Clinton appointee. “Gorsuch was always very careful,” he said. “He always had an eye on the Supreme Court, and was sort of tiptoeing around everything quite carefully to get there.”

Photo of Professor Russell Gold

Professor Russell Gold’s article, ‘Compensation’s Role in Deterrence,’ published in Notre Dame Law Review

Professor Russell Gold‘s article, “Compensation’s Role in Deterrence,”  was published in the most recent issue of the Notre Dame Law Review (Volume 91, Issue 5).

In the article, Professor Gold argues that compensating victims hinders more wrongdoing than other forms of relief, particularly in terms of damages in class actions. According to Professor Gold, scholars have largely overlooked that firms anticipating harm to their reputations as a result of litigation provides a source of deterrence, and because the American public values victim compensation in civil litigation, compensation enhances the legitimacy of the class device and then bolsters this reputational deterrence.

The abstract of the article follows.  To view the full article, click here.

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Photo of Professor Russell Gold

Professor Russell Gold wants to help students find their own path in the law

Professor Russell Gold found his path within the law by combining his criminal law interests and his experiences within civil litigation. As Wake Forest Law’s newest Legal Analysis, Writing and Research (LAWR) faculty member, Professor Gold says he hopes to mentor law students to help them find their own specialty within the law.

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