Public Interest Law Organization (PILO)

Graphic of justice holding the scales and words, "2018 PILO AUCTIOn PUBLIC INTEREST LAW"

Bidding for annual online PILO auction starts Monday, Feb. 12; live auction set for Thursday, Feb. 22

The Public Interest Law Organization (PILO) will host its biggest annual fundraiser — the PILO Auction — beginning online Monday, Feb. 12, followed by the live auction beginning at 6 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 22, in the Worrell Professional Center, Room 1312. Tickets for the live event are $10 and can be purchased at

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Public Interest Law Organization’s auctions raise $18,000 for summer grants

The Public Interest Law Organization (PILO) raised $18,000 from its annual online and live auctions, which are held to raise money to provide grants for students with unpaid public interest internships during the summer.

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Graphic of 2016 Annual PILO Auction event details

Bid on PILO online auction through Feb. 10, annual live auction to be Thursday, Feb. 11

The Public Interest Law Organization (PILO) annual online auction is now live here and is open to all Wake Forest Law students, faculty, staff and alumni, according to PILO Auction Co-Chairs Ariana Burnette, Katie McAbee and Stephanie Jackson.

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Nick Griffin ('16)

Wake Forest Law student with Nepal connections recommends three relief organizations in light of most recent earthquake

The earthquakes in Nepal are tragic on many levels, most obviously in the sheer number of people who have lost their lives and the many more who have lost their homes, says Wake Forest Law Professor John Knox, United Nations Independent Expert on Human Rights and the Environment. News agencies have reported the death toll at more than 8,000 and rising in light of Tuesday’s second major quake. Continue reading »

Photo of Elizabeth Goodwin ('08)

Elizabeth Goodwin (’08) joins Wake Forest Law as inaugural Employer Relations Coordinator

One of Elizabeth Goodwin’s favorite memories of her time at Wake Forest Law is of the regular Friday night poker games she and her friends used to play. Not because she won a lot of money. In fact, she claims she was a lousy poker player. It’s because of the relationships those games allowed her to build. Continue reading »