Ron Mitchell

Photo of Professor Jonathan Cardi

Professor Jonathan Cardi collaborates with career navigation platform to launch Legal Skills Assessment and Portfolio for law students, alumni and employers

Wake Forest Law is committed to providing its students and alumni with the highest level of support in the career preparation process. To that end, the law school has collaborated with the career navigation platform company, Virgil, to develop the Legal Skills Assessment & Portfolio (LSAP) for law students and alumni. Virgil is a New York-based technology company that has developed an unparalleled career navigation experience on both web and native mobile environments, according to its CEO and founder, Ron Mitchell. Associate Dean for Research and Development Jonathan Cardi and Virgil’s, Ron Mitchell, will present the platform and a brief training demonstration to faculty, staff and students on Wednesday, Sept. 23, at noon in Room 1312 of Worrell Professional Center. Continue reading »