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Law and Policy Journal to host ‘Finality in Sentencing’ symposium on Friday, April 5

The Wake Forest Journal of Law and Policy will host a symposium, “Finality in Sentencing,” on Friday, April 5, in the Worrell Professional Center. The event is free and open to the public. Continue reading »

Professor Ron Wright, Jones Byrd (’02) discuss U.S. Supreme Court weighing DWI case

In most cases, police officers have to get a warrant to search your home, but in North Carolina, they don’t need one to get a sample of your blood if you’re accused of driving while impaired.

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Professor Ron Wright quoted by Reuters on significance of John Edwards trial

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. – Former U.S. Senator John Edwards goes on trial Monday on charges he used illegal campaign contributions to cover up an affair with a mistress who became pregnant during his failed bid for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination. Continue reading »

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New York Times cites Professor Ronald Wright on the frequency of plea bargains

For years, the nation’s highest court has devoted the majority of its criminal justice efforts to ensuring that defendants get a fair day in court and a fair sentence once a trial is concluded. But in two decisions on Wednesday, the Supreme Court tacitly acknowledged that it has been enforcing an image of the system that is very different from the real, workaday world inhabited by prosecutors and defense lawyers across the country.  Continue reading »

Professor Ron Wright weighs in on GPS tracking debate on Fox News

NEW YORK –  While GPS technology has gained favor with American consumers by providing precise driving directions, the lack of specific instructions in a recent Supreme Court opinion has experts disagreeing over whether police are now required to obtain a warrant before affixing a GPS-tracking device to a suspect’s car. Continue reading »

Professor Ron Wright quoted in Wall Street Journal on the growing “DA Supervision” debate

As district attorneys nationwide try to cope with shrinking state budgets, Oklahoma prosecutors have seized on a novel—and increasingly controversial—money raiser: running their own probation programs. Continue reading »

Students help implement Racial Justice Act

In early October, more than 20 students committed to work with the Forsyth County District Attorney’s office on a major project. Continue reading »

Law students, professors head to Managua as part of Nicaragua Nexus

Students and professors from the Wake Forest School of Law will travel to Nicaragua during spring break for a cross-disciplinary course focusing on professional development. Continue reading »

Professor Ron Wright quoted on issue of evidence tampering

Professor Ron Wright was quoted in a Rock Hill Herald story about the emerging dispute over defense attorneys’ use of evidence as it relates to the Zahra Baker case.  Continue reading »

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Law firms plan merger

The opportunity to gain a West Coast presence and create “an intellectual-property powerhouse” persuaded Kilpatrick Stockton LLP to acquire Townsend and Townsend and Crew. Read the full story »