Professor Omari Simmons’ op-ed featured in Education Week’s Diplomas Count 2011 Report

Wake Forest University School of Law Professor Omari Simmons has an op-ed piece in Education Week’s Diplomas Count 2011 Report. Continue reading »

College Counseling and Social Capital Deficits

In passing the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, Congress concentrated on reforming grades three through eight. Now that the time has come to once again reauthorize the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), all signs point to an increased focus on ensuring that high schools prepare students to enter college and the workforce.

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‘Social Capital’ and College Counseling

If college counseling for underrepresented students does not become a crucial part of education reform, then reform will not bear nearly enough fruit. Continue reading »

Photo of Professor Omari Simmons

Professor Omari Simmons featured on the Michael Eric Dyson radio show

It’s no secret that low-income, first-generation, and minority students are less likely to pursue higher education. Continue reading »

Revolution of Rising Expectations: Youth at the National Youth Summit Raise their Voices

Wake Forest University of Law professor Omari Simmons was recently quoted in a blog  on the department of education’s website, in reference to his most recent Huffington post blog. Continue reading »

Administration’s Higher Education Goals Unattainable Without K-16 Bridge

The following is an excerpt from Professor Omari Scott Simons piece about the disparities that exist among “vulnerable students” in higher education. His op-ed piece was published on the, February 25th . “The dearth of college counseling in the nation’s public schools derails many students as they transition between high school and college. Compared to their more privileged peers with similar academic qualifications, low-income, minority, first-generation, and other vulnerable students are less likely to attend college.”

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Easing transition to higher education

Omari Simmons went to high school in rural Delaware with a lot of smart kids.

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