Student Profile

Photo of Karen Frekko (MSL '18)

Student Profile: Karen Frekko (MSL ’18)

After completing her first two semesters of Wake Forest Law’s online Master of Studies in Law (MSL) degree, Senior Associate Director of Information Technology Karen Frekko (MSL ’18) says she has found “a new set of tools” in her toolbox.

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Photo of law student, Samantha Poon (JD '18), near a window inside the Worrell Professional Center

Student Profile – Samantha Poon (JD ’18)

Hometown: Shanghai, China

Undergraduate education: I graduated from Hope College in Holland, Michigan, and have a B.A. in Political Science and International Studies.

Why I chose Wake Forest Law: I chose Wake Forest because of the generally welcoming environment I felt at admissions day, the community-oriented atmosphere, the small class sizes and great faculty. I couldn’t have made a better choice.

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Photo of Wake Forest Law student Katie Barkley (JD '17) posing in front of the Worrell Professional Center.

Student Profile – Katie Barkley (JD ’17)

Hometown: Durham, North Carolina

Undergraduate education: Psychology major and sociology and history minors at the University of San Francisco, Class of 2011

Why I chose Wake Forest Law: I really just went with my gut. I felt a positive vibe when I came to visit the school. I was also awarded a great scholarship that allowed me to choose Wake Forest.

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Photo of law student Jasmine Gregory (JD '18) posing in front of the Worrell Professional Center

Student Profile – Jasmine Gregory (JD ’18)

Hometown: Charlottesville, Virginia

Undergraduate education: Elon University, B.A. in Strategic Communications with minors in history and African-American studies.

Why I chose Wake Forest Law: I choose Wake Forest after visiting during my law school application process. The environment at Wake Forest was diverse, and the professors seemed very helpful and interested in the advancement of their students. Additionally, the student body seemed very friendly and collegial, and all had good things to say about their experience here at Wake Forest. I looked at several other law schools in the mid-Atlantic region, but none seemed to compare to Wake Forest Law.

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Photo of law student, Mike Garrigan (JD '19), in front of the Worrell Professional Center

Student Profile – Mike Garrigan (JD ’19)

Hometown: Greensboro, North Carolina

Undergraduate education: I graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1997 with a degree in History and Political Science.

Why I Chose Wake Forest Law: When I visited Wake Forest Law, I was impressed with the quality of instruction, the small class size and the friendliness among students.

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Photo of Wake Forest School of Law student Ibonne Moscoso (LLM '17) in the Professional Center Library at Worrell Professional Center

Ibonne Moscoso (LL.M. ’17) profiled in National Jurist’s LL.M. program guide

Ibonne Moscoso (LLM ’17) was featured in the fall 2016 issue of the National Jurist.  Moscoso is one of several international students profiled in the article, “Guide to LL.M. Programs for Foreign Attorneys,” by Katie Thisdell.  The article begins on page 28 and features Moscoso on page 36. Continue reading »

Photo of Joseph Greener (JD ’16)

Graduation Profile: Joseph Greener (JD ’16)

Joseph Greener (JD ‘16) chose Wake Forest Law because it felt like home.

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Photo of Alena Baker Mosier (JD '16)

Graduation Profile: Alena Baker Mosier (JD ’16)

Student Profile: Alena Baker Mosier (JD ’16)

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Photo of student Crystal Richmond video chatting on computer, MSL

Student Profile: Crystal Richmond (MSL ’16)

Hometown: Memphis, Tennessee

Undergraduate school and major: I attended undergraduate at the University of Memphis where I earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a minor in criminal justice.

Why I chose to pursue the MSL degree: I decided to pursue Wake Forest Law’s Master of Studies in Law degree because of the flexibility of distance learning while still being able to develop analytical and reasoning skills.

What I like about Wake Forest Law’s MSL: The courses are aggressively up-to-date. Each topic receives careful and comprehensive treatment. While some courses may be challenging, they also provide a great thought-provoking learning experience. They also provide a well-rounded, but in-depth understanding of the law. I enjoy having an environment where I can work with professionals from all over the world, rich online databases and online tools combined with the possibility to study from wherever I am. I can travel with my studies and learn at any time of the day. All I need is dedication and a computer.

Applying MSL to my career: The program is very well devised: coherent and wide-ranging. More importantly, it is rigorous and challenging and the professors are amazingly helpful. Upon completion of the program, I will have a new horizon of career options. Through the program I have been able to obtain a more in-depth knowledge of law for certain areas that are of interest to me. The skills and knowledge I have gained so far have proven to be most valuable to me in my position as a paralegal and a small business owner. I am very glad that I opted for this program.

Photo of Samya About Sharif

Student Profile: Samya Abou Sharif (LLM ’16)

Samya Abou Sharif (LLM ’16) has known adversity from an early age. She was only 5 years old when her father died, which lead to difficult times for the family. At that young age, though she was a far from deciding what she would do in life, she observed the lawyers who worked with her family to settle her father’s business and personal affairs.

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