Student Profile

henna shah

Meet Henna Shah (JD ’21)

Henna Shah (JD ’21) was able to take her legal passions and practice to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) during her first summer in law school.
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brandon paul

Meet Brandon Paul (JD ’20)

During the summer of 2013, Brandon Paul (JD ’20) was able to watch the Trials of Daryl Hunt with a surprise Q&A with Hunt and Professor Mark Rabil. This experience inspired him to take part in the Innocence and Justice Clinic at Wake Forest Law.

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julia adams scheurich

Meet Julia Adams-Scheurich (MSL ’21)

Julia Adams-Scheurich (MSL ’21) is a contract lobbyist and policy consultant in North Carolina’s capital city. That means she spends much of her time researching proposed legislation and meeting with lawmakers.

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victoria dishner

Meet Victoria Dishner (JD ’21)

Victoria Dishner’s (JD ’21) externship at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development in Washington, D.C., gave her invaluable experience and knowledge of administrative law and its role in the protection of civil rights.

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emily harrison

Meet Emily Harrison (JD ’21)

Emily Harrison’s (JD ’21) talks about her experiences at Wake Forest Law, including her efforts in establishing a student organization for first-generation professionals.

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portrait photo of joey bartholomew

Meet Joey Bartholomew (JD ’21)

Joey Bartholomew (JD ’21) talks about his experiences at Wake Forest Law and his summer work at Chicago Volunteer Legal Services. Continue reading »

Alex Prunka

Meet Alex Prunka (JD ’20)

Alex Prunka (JD ’20) attributes the supportive community of faculty and students as the core of his success at Wake Forest Law.

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Alex Lowitt

Meet Alexander Lowitt (JD ’21)

Alexander Lowitt (JD ’21) discusses his summer work at the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and why he chose Wake Forest Law.

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Stephanie Raborn

Meet Stephanie Raborn (JD ’21)

Stephanie Raborn (JD ’21) connects with her family roots in Wake Forest Medical School to her passion for healthcare law.

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bella hohler

Meet Bella Hohler (JD ’21)

Bella Hohler (JD ’21) describes her involvement in the Kilpatrick Townsend 1L Mock Trial Competition and her passion for real estate law. Continue reading »