Student Profile

portrait of remy servis

Meet Remy Servis (JD ’22)

Remy Servis (JD ’22) is pursuing a JD/MA in Bioethics at Wake Forest Law. She is a health law and policy fellow as well as the managing editor of Awaken: The Creative Journal of Contemporary Bioethics.

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portrait of hannah norem

Meet Hannah Norem (JD/MDiv ’23)

Growing up in a family of lawyers and pastors, Hannah Norem’s (JD/MDiv ’23) passion for law and divinity began in her childhood and it continued to grow during her undergraduate experience.

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portrait of vincent bivona

Meet Vincent Bivona (JD ’23)

Vincent Bivona’s (JD ’23) successful participation in the 1L Trial Bar Competition pushed him out of his comfort zone and allowed him to identify his strengths and passions for the law.

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portrait of sophia konanc

Meet Sophia Konanc (JD ’23)

Sophia Konanc’s (JD ’23) internship in a federal judge’s office opened her eyes to the possibilities law school offers and helped fuel her drive for public service through law. Continue reading »

portrait of precious mcLaughlin

Meet Precious N. McLaughlin (JD ’22)

Precious McLaughlin’s (JD ’22) thesis work on the adverse effects of solitary confinement continues to inspire her drive to eradicate injustice. She is the founder and leader of Wake Forest Law’s Society for Criminal Justice Reform (SCJR) and also serves as a coordinator for the Wake Forest Prison Letters Pro Bono Project.

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portrait of nick christopherson

Meet Nick Christopherson (JD ’23)

Nick Christopherson’s (JD ’23) theatre and moot court experiences inspired him to pursue the world of law.

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portrait of megan abney

Meet Megan Abney (JD ’23)

Megan Abney’s (JD ’23) experience as a foster parent and teacher solidified her desire to become a child advocacy attorney, beginning with her current training to become a court-appointed advocate for children.

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portrait of maryclaire farrington

Meet Maryclaire Farrington (JD ’23)

Maryclaire Farrington’s (JD ’23) experience working with an attorney inspired her to pursue law school so she could provide future clients a voice and a change for the better.

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portrait of karen surian

Meet Karen Surian (JD ’23)

Karen Surian’s (JD ’23) personal experiences with immigration law inspire her and drive her to enact change in the legal world on behalf of minorities and women.

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portrait of kaleb geisler-zukaitis

Meet Kaleb Liam Geisler-Zukaitis (JD ’23)

For Kaleb Liam Geisler-Zukaitis (JD ’23), a visit to a correctional facility solidified his desire to become an advocate for the underprivileged. Now he uses his spare time to contribute to the Wake Forest Pro Bono Project’s Expungement Clinics and Prison Letters Project.

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