Student Profile

Photo of Matthew D. McClellan ('12)

Student Profile: Matthew D. McClellan (’12)

Matthew D. McClellan (’12) is the Student Bar Association president and was a member of the winning Comerford & Britt National Trial Team. He is a  contributor to the law school’s Journal of Business and Intellectual Property Law blog and served as the Zeliff Competition Co-Chair during his second year of law school.

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Student Profile: Jamie Turnage

Jamie Turnage understands the joy of soccer. She also understands the pain. Continue reading »

Photo of Michael Miranda and his interpreter with a neighborhood child while on mission in Iraq

From Soldier to Law Student

EDITOR’S NOTE: In recognition of Veteran’s Day, following are several stories from just a few of our students who have served our country in the Armed Forces.

When students step into the halls and classrooms of Wake Forest University School of Law they bring with them varied experiences and backgrounds. Continue reading »

Photo of Emilie Thompson

Working for the Common Good: Emile Thompson (’10)

Emile Thompson, a third-year student in the Wake Forest University School of Law, will probably never forget what he did last summer. Continue reading »

Photo of Audrey Woosnam

Working for the Common Good: Audrey Woosnam (’10)

In her own words, Audrey Woosnam has had two summers of a lifetime. Continue reading »

Photo of Aindrea Alderson

Working for the Common Good: Aindrea Alderson (’10)

The first time Aindrea Alderson stood in front of the packed courtroom this past summer, facing hundreds of defendants charged with misdemeanors, she felt intimidated. But Alderson, a Wake Forest law student with a desire to serve, knew she represented the Guilford County District Attorney’s office, and knew those defendants needed her to be clear and firm. So she started with a refrain that’s echoed around North Carolina’s courts every day. Continue reading »

Photo of Al Lamarque

Working for the Common Good: Alain Lamarque (’10)

When a hot-button bill ending partisan elections for local school boards passed in the North Carolina legislature in June, Wake Forest law student Alain Lamarque was among those celebrating. Continue reading »

Photo of Erin Hartnett

Working for the Common Good: Erin Hartnett (’10)

Erin Hartnett had seen the pictures: inmates wearing jumpsuits and handcuffs, kneeling at the fence while guards hovered over them. Continue reading »

Photo of Bianca Hudson

Working for the Common Good: Bianca Hudson (’11)

Bianca Hudson, a second-year student in the Wake Forest University School of Law, is keeping an open mind.  Continue reading »

Photo of Daniel Murdoch

Working for the Common Good: Daniel Murdock (’11)

Daniel Murdock attended high school in Redmond, Wash., and graduated with a bachelor’s degree with distinction in political science from the University of Washington in Seattle. Continue reading »