Susie’s Law

Susie’s Hope founder Donna Lawrence and District Attorney Chris Parrish speak to students about animal cruelty law

Students and guests gathered in Adjunct Professor Don Vaughan’s State and Local Government class on Monday, Sept. 14, to hear from Susie’s Hope founder Donna Lawrence and Assistant District Attorney Chris Parrish. Students learned about Susie’s Law, a 2010 North Carolina law that enforced tougher sentences on perpetrators accused of animal cruelty. Susie, the dog that prompted this change, was also in attendance. Continue reading »

Photo of Don Vaughan

Adjunct Professor Don Vaughan (’79) discusses ‘Susie’s Law’ animal abuse law in News & Record

Adjunct Professor Don Vaughan (’79)  was a leading advocate for Susie’s Law, an animal abuse law that went into effect four years ago, and Vaughan has used Susie’s Law at Wake Forest University School of Law and at Elon University School of Law to show students how a bill is made. Previous reports from WRAL cite that Susie’s Law, or House Bill 1609, reclassifies the “malicious abuse, torture or killing” of an animal as a Class H felony. That increases the penalties for animal cruelty to a maximum 10-month jail sentence.

When Donna Lawrence wakes up every day, she rubs her dog’s head, feeling the scars that run from her skull all the way down her back. Hair won’t ever grow there, and Susie, the pit bull mix with the big brown eyes and brindle coat, will always have stubs for ears.

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