Visiting International Researcher

Photo of Edgardo Ricciardiello in front of a row of books in libary

Profile: Edgardo Ricciardiello, Visiting International Researcher (VIR)

It was late 2003 when Edgardo Ricciardiello first met Wake Forest Law Professor Alan Palmiter in Venice, Italy. At the time, Ricciardiello was pursuing his doctorate in company law and securities regulation at the University of Bologna. Professor Palmiter suggested that Ricciardiello consider coming to Wake Forest Law for a semester to study on campus so he could utilize the law school’s resources for his research and have a cultural exchange experience. That suggestion led to the birth of what would become Wake Forest Law’s Visiting International Researcher (VIR) program with Ricciardiello signing on to be the very first participant. Continue reading »